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Dividing Property In A Separation

New Zealand’s rules around dividing property after a separation aren’t always well understood – know where you stand and how to protect yourself in a new relationship. New Zealand’s relationship property laws aren’t always well understood – the rules can come as a surprise to Kiwis who are separating from their partners. Here are a

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Things To Consider Before Buying A Business

Thinking about buying a business? We have been providing independent business valuations for over 30 years, so we’ve put together a checklist of things to consider before making that big decision on buying a business. 1. Why is it being sold? It’s not always easy, but do your homework and see if you can find

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New Purchase Price Allocation Rules

Buying or selling a business or a commercial property? There are new purchase price allocation rules you should be aware of. When land and buildings or a business is being sold, allocation of the purchase price between the business assets can result in different tax implications for the buyer and seller. In some situations,

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How Has COVID-19 Affected Business Values?

While as individuals COVID-19 has challenged many of us physically, mentally, financially and spiritually, for business owners the challenge of merely staying in business continues to be an ongoing battle. The impact on the travel and hospitality industries has been particularly devastating, and the overwhelming majority of businesses have had to evolve at least to

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Is Your Business Ready For Sale?

The value of a business is largely determined by profitability and presentation. Although you may not be planning to sell for several years, you can – and should – start getting your business ready for sale now. Profitability Naturally the financial performance of your business will be a major factor in determining its value. You

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Making Your Business Worth More Without You

“My customers will be with me until the day I die.” “My business is my identity.” “My business is my superannuation.” Sound familiar? It’s called ‘key person reliance’ and can actually be detrimental to your business. A business that relies heavily on its owner is not as valuable as a business that is not reliant

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Creating Value In Your Business

Creating value in your business is different and more complex than increasing sales. UHY Haines Norton’s Business Valuations specialist Kerry Tizard explains how small business owners can assess the return their business is generating and identify ways to achieve growth. I recently met Steve, a business owner who has started a business providing general IT

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Planning For Sale

UHY Haines Norton’s Business Valuations specialist Kerry Tizard provides some advice for getting your business ready for sale. Before putting your business up for sale, ensure that your business is sale ready. Having your business sale ready will increase your changes of achieving an outcome that meets your objectives and ensures that you achieve a good return

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How Much Is My Business Worth?

UHY Director Tim Livingstone addresses a frequently-asked question concerning business valuations: what is my business worth? A question we regularly receive from both clients and non-clients is on the value of their business. The value of a business gets down to what the business has to sell. Most SME (small-to medium-sized) businesses will be selling

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