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What Is The Common Reporting Standard And Who Does It Affect?

In recent years globalisation has had a profound impact on the tax revenue collection of many economies around the world as it has eroded their tax bases. In order to combat the tax evasion opportunities created by globalisation, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has developed the single global standard called Common Reporting

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The Facts on FACTA

We have recently fielded a number of enquiries about FACTA from clients who have received correspondence from their bank, including, in some cases, a detailed FACTA questionnaire to complete. So what is FACTA? FACTA stands for The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act, which is legislation passed by the United States that aims to reduce tax

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UHY International Study on Tax as a Percentage of GDP

A new study conducted by UHY International finds that Western Economies are saddled with a tax burden 40% higher than the global average. Western European countries are inhibiting their economies with tax burdens at least 40% heavier than both the global average and the average for neighbouring countries in Central and Eastern Europe, according to

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UHY’s Global Transfer Pricing Guide 2015

The UHY network has released its 2015 “Global Transfer Pricing Guide” to assist tax and finance professionals responsible for cross-border tax planning and compliance with their enquiries.  Given the complexity of transfer pricing issues, the guide provides in the first instance a country-by-country summary of major transfer pricing requirements, including pricing methods, documentation and penalties

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