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It’s A Game Changer

As an Accountant I have the unique luxury of being able to look into the window of a client’s business. For various reasons, more often than not, that view is limited to the financial outcomes of a business. While that allows an opportunity to develop an understanding of what drives the business financially, it doesn’t

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5 Tips To Put The Flow Into Your Cash Flow

Wayne Semmens from Scottish Pacific Business Finance shares his top five ways that small business owners can improve their cash flow.  In a recent survey conducted for Small Business Week to identify major areas of stress for small business owners, it concluded that small business owners struggle to maintain adequate cash flow. In fact, of

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Simple Ways to Add Value to Your Business

Last year the government reported that small- to medium-sized businesses (defined as businesses with less than 20 employees), comprise 97% of enterprises in New Zealand.  However, our experience has shown that as many as 60% of SMEs are not breaking even on their initial investment. We recommend focusing on several key areas to add value and

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Going Off-line to Build Client Relationships

UHY Haines Norton Business Improvement Manager Michael Jamieson considers the benefits in bucking the trend of online client interaction in light of developing face-to-face client relationships. Use of the internet and social media has become an increasingly central marketing tool for business.  From the smallest sole trader to the largest corporation, most organisations now have

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Business Mentors New Zealand

The burgeoning success of Business Mentors New Zealand’s programme in Auckland West means ATEED Business Mentor coordinator Carley Duncan needs new mentors to pass on their hard-earned business expertise and help grow Auckland’s business capability. Carley wants to hear from skilled business people from all industries who are willing to become mentors. If you are

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Laughing On The Way To Execution

We recently hosted an event called ‘The 3 Disciplines of Profitable High Growth NZ Businesses’ in conjunction with the BNZ, presented compellingly by guest speaker Karl Varley. One particular comment that Karl made stood out to me.  He said something like “if people aren’t laughing at your goals then you haven’t set your sights high

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MS Outlook for Personal Efficiency and Team Productivity:”Do It Now”

 In the fifth of a series of five articles, Jacqui Hinchliffe of Business Computing Skills discusses how to manage your emails. Previously Jacqui introduced the four D rule for managing email. This final article discusses rule number 4: Do It Now 1. Delete 2. Diarise 3. Delegate 4. Do It Now Productivity is determined by

Where Do Successful People Put Their Focus? – (A Spanish Lesson)

Some time ago I attended a UHY emerging leaders’ development course in Grazelema Spain.  I remember the content of the course was intense, testing us and requiring us to move out of our comfort zone.  I often reflect upon what I learnt there and thought I would share the key points in this newsletter, which is