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The Benefits Of Remote Workers For Businesses

Employing remote workers can be a great strategy for growing your business. If the nature of your business does not require hands-on labour, it may be worth considering allowing the flexibility that working remotely provides. And with the continuing spread of coronavirus around the world, businesses are being urged to develop continuity plans to help

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New R&D Tax Incentive

In May the government introduced a new R&D tax incentive to encourage businesses to spend more on research and development. Because it applies to the 2019/2020 tax year, any R&D expenditure incurred from 1st April 2019 could qualify for the tax incentive if it meets the eligibility criteria. We recommend that businesses document and keep

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Top Business Start-Up Tips

In recent years there have been as many as 50,000 new businesses starting up in New Zealand each year. Statistics New Zealand reports that while around 80% of business start-ups usually survive their first year, in the longer term often just a quarter survive to celebrate 10 years in business. While no two businesses (or

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How To Improve Business Profitability By Reducing Expenses

There are many different areas that impact on business profitability. With the cost of raw materials, petrol and minimum wage rates constantly rising and eroding profit, it is more important than ever before for business owners to monitor and periodically review expenses. Here we share our top tips for critically reviewing your expenses and identifying

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Tips For Improving Inventory Management

If your business carries stock of any kind, good inventory management is important to prevent over-ordering, out-of-stocks and wastage. The key to having enough stock on hand to efficiently service orders lies in actively managing your inventory. We recommend taking a critical look at the amount of cash you have tied up in stock. Taking

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Is Your Leadership Costing You?

As a business owner, you are a leader. Your team are looking to you every day, to guide them, to inspire them. To lead them. They’re looking to you because you’re not just a leader, you are their leader. And they want to know you have a plan, because their family’s financial stability is depending

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Top 5 Technology Essentials For Small Businesses

Technology continues to advance at a greater rate than any other industry, and it can be a struggle for SMEs to keep up with the rapid changes. IT professionals Ginger IT share the top five IT areas that they believe small businesses should focus on for success. IT Policies Businesses that use computers, email, the

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Preparing Your Business For Christmas

UHY Haines Norton Director Andrew Scott shares his top tips for preparing your business for Christmas and the holiday season. “Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the office, not a computer was whirring, not even a click of a mouse; the billings were dispatched in the post with care; in the hopes that

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It’s A Game Changer

As an Accountant I have the unique luxury of being able to look into the window of a client’s business. For various reasons, more often than not, that view is limited to the financial outcomes of a business. While that allows an opportunity to develop an understanding of what drives the business financially, it doesn’t

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