Preparing For An Audit

UHY Haines Norton Audit Director Bhavin Sanghavi explains the benefits of preparing for an annual audit to make the process run smoothly and maximise the value the audit provides to an organisation. It’s that time of year when most organisations will start preparing for their annual financial audits. Some organisations and their accounting staff may

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Unravelling The Audit Process

For many organisations just the thought of undergoing an audit can be stressful and daunting. However, professional auditors such as UHY Haines Norton are skilled at undertaking audit processes with minimal disruption while conducting an objective and thorough evaluation. Here we explain the steps involved in a typical audit process for New Zealand organisations. UHY

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Get Help With Your Bright Ideas!

What Is Callaghan Innovation? Callaghan Innovation is a programme that was set up by the Government about five years ago. The main aim of Callaghan Innovation is to act as an agency responsible for supporting innovation in New Zealand. Callaghan Innovation grants are designed to help businesses with research and development of new products, services

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The UHY Haines Norton Audit Conference 2017

Education, up-skilling and connections: auditor Samson Ali shares his experiences at the 2017 UHY Haines Norton Audit Conference. I recently had the opportunity to attend the UHY Haines Norton Audit Conference held in Sydney. This annual event is attended by auditors from all of the Australasian UHY Haines Norton firms, and is an excellent combination

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Increase in Small Business Audits

Evidence shows there has been a clear increase in audit activity among small New Zealand businesses in the last financial year. Supporting our own recent experiences of clients being targeted by Inland Revenue, the providers of our tax audit insurance offering Audit Shield have published figures indicating substantial increases in both the premium pool and

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Collaborating at UHY’s 2014 Annual Conference in Germany

UHY Haines Norton Audit Partner Sungesh Singh recently attended the 2014 UHY AGM in Germany. This year I had the opportunity to attend UHY’s 2014 Annual General Meeting. The conference welcomed 150 delegates from around the world and was proudly hosted by member firm Dr. Langenmayr GmbH Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft in Germany. Exactly, please don’t ask me

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Could Your Business Be At Risk?

UHY Haines Norton’s Assurance and Advisory Manager Tadius Munapeyi explains why all New Zealand businesses are at risk of economic fraud. Over 30% of New Zealand businesses of all sizes, structures and within all industries are believed to be subject to fraud, error and corruption – and this figure appears to be rising. Why Is

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An Audit Alliance in Motueka Valley

UHY Haines Norton has recently achieved the status of being the only fully licensed audit firm in West Auckland, meeting the Government’s rigorous high standards and complying with the Auditor Regulation Act. Our new auditing procedures include re-establishing our alliance with Bill Heritage, a semi-retired audit expert, to act in a consultant role.  Bill will

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Navigating The Need For An Audit

UHY Haines Norton’s Audit Manager Bhavin Sanghavi addresses some of the complexity around audit requirements. A common enquiry from our clients is whether an audit is necessary, and if so who can audit them. To address this issue, we have broken the requirements down by type of entity. Who Requires an Audit? Type of Entity:

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