Preventing Business Fraud And Error

Unfortunately, fraud is on the increase and preventing business fraud should be an ongoing priority for all business owners. Business fraud can often be a result of dishonest staff having too much influence or control over a number of key functions of the business. The consequences of fraud or error can be devastating for a

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Business Fraud: Could Your Business Be At Risk?

A leading survey of New Zealand businesses found that over 50% have experienced at least one case of fraud. These businesses were of all different sizes, structures and within all industries - the perpetrators of fraud, error and corruption are not discerning, and any New Zealand business could be at risk. Fraudulent Behaviour Is On

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AML/CFT Update For Thomson Reuters

Recently UHY Haines Norton was asked to co-author the update of Thomson Reuters’ “Practical Auditing Manual” (PAM). Some of you may know that this was previously called “Brooker’s Practical Auditing Manual”. The update has now been completed. Looking back I can see that this was a relatively big task which I took on, but nevertheless

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