Cash Flow

Top 10 Ways To Improve Cash Flow In Your Business

Poor cash flow is one of the biggest reasons why businesses – and particularly small businesses – fail. Michael Jamieson shares his top tips for improving and managing cash flow in your business. A sale is not a sale until you have been paid. Too many business owners run themselves ragged doing the work but put chasing overdue

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Tips for Managing Your Debtors

Healthy cash flow is the life blood of every business. For small businesses in particular, delays in receiving payments can result in perpetual debt problems and seriously impact on their ability to remain operational. Earlier this year accounting software firm Xero released figures stating that only about one in nine invoices issued by small businesses

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5 Tips To Put The Flow Into Your Cash Flow

Wayne Semmens from Scottish Pacific Business Finance shares his top five ways that small business owners can improve their cash flow.  In a recent survey conducted for Small Business Week to identify major areas of stress for small business owners, it concluded that small business owners struggle to maintain adequate cash flow. In fact, of

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What Do You Do If You Can’t Pay Your Debts On Time?

In today’s economic environment many individuals and businesses are finding themselves in the situation of juggling their money to pay off debts. If someone is struggling to pay their debts the longer they keep creditors in the dark and ignore payment requests the more difficult the situation is likely to become. A negative credit rating

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Cashflow is King

Have you ever thought about where your business will be this time next year? Cashflow forecasting is one of the most important exercises you can do in establishing the future financial viability of your business. In the tough economic climate we face today, running a business has never been more challenging. Shortly after the US

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