What Does Budget 2022 Mean For You?

How will Budget 2022 impact Kiwi households, small businesses and first home buyers? We take a quick look at the highlights and what funding you might be eligible for. With the cost of living soaring, interest rates rising and house prices falling, Budget 2022 aimed to deliver a little something to help the average household.

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Banks Going Cheque Free

Most New Zealand banks are phasing out the use of cheques in favour of other payment methods. Kiwibank was the first major bank to stop issuing and accepting cheques on 28th February 2020, and estimated that less than 1% of their customers were still using cheques at that time. The exact dates after which the

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Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Checks

Legislation has been introduced in New Zealand that requires all accounting firms to put preventative measures in place to help identify and prevent money laundering under the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT) Act 2009. This legislation requires us (along with all other accounting firms) to conduct ‘AML checks’ on all of our

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Marketing On A Shoestring

UHY Haines Norton Marketing Coordinator Debbie Robson believes that businesses should continue marketing in the current economic climate. Here she shares some ideas for ways that SMEs can promote their business on a tight budget - beginning with reviewing your online presence. In March 2020 New Zealand businesses took an immediate and unprecedented financial hit.

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Be A Responsible Host This Christmas

It’s hard to believe that Christmas is just around the corner, but here we are in the throes of the festive season and year-end celebrations. Most work places host a Christmas social event for their staff in one form or another, which can be a great way to boost staff morale and show appreciation for

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Times They Are A-Changing…For Trusts

The way in which New Zealanders manage trusts is changing due to reforms to trust law reflected in the Trust Act 2019 (replacing the Trust Act 1956). The good news is the reforms governing trusts and the duties of trustees are effective from 30th January 2021. New Disclosure Rules One of the major changes under

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Beware Of The Impact Of Pricing Strategies

Choosing a pricing strategy can be one of the most important decisions a business owner makes. It is intrinsically linked to income, profitability, sales volume and market share, and can ultimately affect the life of a business. It can be difficult to decide which pricing strategy best fits with your business model: premium pricing, penetration

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Insurance For Home Businesses

One of our previous articles, “Running A Business From Home”, discussed some of the pros and cons to running a home-based business, including the need to review your home insurance policy. If you have a home office or any type of business where you are selling a product or service from home, you need to

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Pathways To The Future Trust: New Chairman Bhavin Sanghavi

Established in 2007 as a joint venture of the Rosebank Business Association and the Rotary Club of New Lynn, Pathways to the Future Trust rewards the efforts of young employees who demonstrate talent, leadership and initiative within their employment roles. Recipients are awarded grants towards vocational courses, text books or tools to assist them in

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Running A Business From Home

With an estimated 97% of New Zealand enterprises classed as SMEs and 70% of Kiwi businesses operating as sole traders, small businesses dominate our country’s industries. Many small business owners choose to run their business from home, which can present different benefits and challenges to running a business from separate premises. Here we take a

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