Phasing Out Single-Use Plastic Bags

Back in December the government approved a mandatory ban on single-use shopping bags. The regulations take effect from 1st July 2019, so if you haven’t already done so now is the time for your business to use up any existing stocks of plastic bags and begin to source acceptable alternatives. The single-use plastic bags which

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Learning From Customer Complaints

A customer who complains… your worst nightmare? Wrong! While a one star negative online review, heated phone conversation or in-store rant is something no business relishes, your customer is actually doing you a favour. Rather than voting with their feet and silently taking their business elsewhere, they are actually giving you a gift. Within reason,

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Pathways To The Future Trust: New Chairman Bhavin Sanghavi

Established in 2007 as a joint venture of the Rosebank Business Association and the Rotary Club of New Lynn, Pathways to the Future Trust rewards the efforts of young employees who demonstrate talent, leadership and initiative within their employment roles. Recipients are awarded grants towards vocational courses, text books or tools to assist them in

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Running A Business From Home

With an estimated 97% of New Zealand enterprises classed as SMEs and 70% of Kiwi businesses operating as sole traders, small businesses dominate our country’s industries. Many small business owners choose to run their business from home, which can present different benefits and challenges to running a business from separate premises. Here we take a

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2018 Budget Commentary

Issued 18th May 2018 The 2018 Budget was announced on 17th May 2018. This year our UHY Haines Norton commentary will summarise the main tax areas affecting business. This year’s Budget does not propose significant tax reform. However, the Budget makes reference to the Tax Working Group (TWG) which will be reporting back to Government

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The New UHY Haines Norton Website

We are proud to announce the launch of our new website The site has a number of new and improved features to make it as useful, informative and as easy to navigate as possible. Our services are grouped into three main categories: Accounting and Tax, Audit and Assurance, and Specialist Services, which are then

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Email Addresses To Shut Down

After 30th November 2017, a number of email addresses will be shut down when Vodafone stops offering email services. It is particularly important if you are a small business owner or sole trader to take steps now to set up a new email account. You will need to move all important messages and contacts and

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Employer Wage Breaches

The spotlight continues to be shone on employment breaches made by New Zealand employers. In April the adult minimum hourly wage was increased to $15.75 for employees aged 16 years or older. Employers who pay staff less than this rate are in breach of the Minimum Wage Act, and can face steep penalties in addition

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Have A Little Fun At Work

Last week while in the local produce shop, my young daughter pointed at the colourful capsicums and proclaimed, “Look Mum, pepper-cums!” While it wasn’t exactly comedy gold, it did give several of us the giggles - even the burly builder who was waiting behind me had a chuckle. Always drawn to the limelight, my daughter

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