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Farm Accounting: Emissions Trading Scheme

The government recently unveiled a set of proposals for bringing the agriculture industry into the Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS). Heralded by some as a “sweetheart deal”, it is proposed to bring the sector into the scheme from 2025 at a 95% discount rate, meaning it will pay 5% of its total emissions cost. Not surprisingly,

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Off Road Fuel Rebates

On 1st July 2019 the government passed the second of three annual increases in fuel tax, resulting in some of the highest petrol prices New Zealand has seen in years. With no end in sight, it is worth knowing that if you use petrol in off road vehicles or machinery for commercial purposes, you could

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Specified Livestock Determination 2019

Inland Revenue has released “The National Standard Costs for Specified Livestock Determination 2019”. It applies to any specified livestock on hand at the end of the 2018/19 financial year where the national cost scheme has been elected as the livestock valuation method. For more information and advice regarding farm accounting please contact our Farm Accounting

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Succession Planning For Farmers

Is your will your farm succession plan? Unfortunately for many privately-owned farming enterprises, the preparation of their wills is their only attempt to address family succession. According to recent research, only 50% of farming enterprises have started to discuss succession, let alone prepared an effective succession plan. We all know succession is a complex and

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Farm Accounting: M. Bovis Numbers Explode

The Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) is scrambling to update estimates of farms infected with Mycobacterium bovis disease after property numbers under question exploded from 129 to 299 farms. This is not just limited to dairy farms but is having a real impact on the farming sector in general. Already the disease has been found

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Farm Accounting: Figured and Xero Together

UHY Haines Norton Director and Farm Accounting specialist Mark Foster explains the benefits for farmers of using Figured and Xero software together.  There is good news for farmers looking to improve their management of farm performance and profitability. Xero accounting software has the ability to manage livestock tracking with the help of the farm accounting

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Farm Accounting: Farmhouse Expenses

UHY Haines Norton Director and Farm Accounting specialist Mark Foster clarifies the recent changes to the rules for claiming farmhouse expenses. The IRD has made some changes to the guidelines for claiming farmhouse expenses. These apply to the 2017/18 tax year: from 1st June 2017 for dairy farmers and 1st July 2017 for sheep and

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Farm Accounting: Tax Pooling

UHY Haines Norton Director and Farm Accounting specialist Mark Foster explains how tax pooling can be a good option for farmers struggling with cash flow. Farmers and the agriculture industry are particularly susceptible to environmental factors – arguably more than any other industry. Every year floods, droughts and other extreme weather over which they have no control

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Farm Accounting: The Importance Of Counting Your Stock

UHY Haines Norton Director and Farm Accounting specialist Mark Fosterreminds farmers of the importance of maintaining accurate stock figures. One of the main problems we have when producing accounts at the end of the year is reconciling livestock stock numbers. Normally the reconciling of livestock includes taking the opening balances from last year, adding into this

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Dairy Farmers Under Greater Financial Pressure

While all farmers are experiencing increasing financial pressure from their banks, recent figures indicate that dairy farmers and sharemilkers are under the greatest pressure. Substantially more dairy farmers and sharemilkers than other farm types report feeling the financial strain. Sheep and beef farmers, in particular, are reported to be feeling relatively satisfied and not subject

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