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Client News: Supreme Sikh Society

UHY Haines Norton are proud to have the opportunity to work with a large number of not for profit clients. These organisations operating in the not for profit sector work extremely hard and accomplish some incredible achievements. Here we share with you the story of one of these clients, Supreme Sikh Society of New Zealand.

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Charity Audits: If You Think Compliance Is Expensive, Try Non-compliance

All registered charities are now required to adhere to the new financial reporting and assurance standards as legalised by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE). The new accounting standards applying to charities and not-for-profit entities have been passed by Parliament and include the minimum assurance requirements for all charities. All registered charities will

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Upcoming Events: Westie Wednesday 2014

Every year Foundation for Youth Development (FYD) Auckland is helping thousands of children and young people in West Auckland to discover possibility, transform lives, and reach their potential. Through proven and acclaimed programmes Kiwi Can, Project K and Stars, FYD is able to help build self-esteem, promote good values and teach valuable life, education and health

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Restoration Of An Icon: The Henderson Railway Station

The historic Henderson Railway Station was officially re-opened last month at an event celebrating the completion of its much-anticipated restoration. The restoration project was the work of the Henderson Heritage Trust, headed by Michael Joyce, in an undertaking spanning no less than 13 years.  It is a credit to the Trust’s nine trustees, who overcame

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