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Cybersecurity Resilience

Why cybersecurity resilience is about culture as much as technology In the post pandemic world of work, robust cybersecurity defences are more crucial than ever. That is not saying anything that most of us don’t know, but it is worth repeating. The pandemic has accelerated digital transformation, making us all much more reliant on online

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International Study: Corporate Tax Rates

Corporate tax rates worldwide hit new low of just 25.1% – but new trend of rising rates has already begun Corporate tax rates in leading economies worldwide have fallen to an average of just 25.1%* shows a new study by UHY, the international accounting and consulting network. However, with the Covid-19 pandemic leaving

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Cryptocurrency At The Crossroads

What to make of the topsy turvy world of cryptocurrency? A snapshot of that world in 2021 goes something like this. In March the price of bitcoin hit an all time high of USD 60,000. By July its value had more than halved. At the time of writing one bitcoin is priced at below USD

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Lifelong Learning

In this article from UHY International's CEO Rhys Madoc, he explains why training and development should be a critical success factor for most businesses.  Clients expect professional service providers to offer the most up to date expertise and advice. Naturally, they expect us to be familiar with relevant legislation changes, regulatory reform, reporting standards and

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Opportunity From Adversity

This latest article from UHY International looks at although Covid has had a devastating economic effect, in many regions the pandemic's disruptive force is creating new opportunities and fostering entrepreneurship.  As vaccine rollouts progress, economies are opening up again and businesses are gearing up to retake ground lost to the pandemic. Or at least, those

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New Zealand Electric Car Sales Take Hit From Pandemic

New Zealand saw 1,500 electric cars sold in 2020, down 19% from almost 1,900 in 2019, with sales taking a hit during the pandemic, while global electric car sales rose 31% in 2020. Our new UHY International study of 26 countries worldwide shows New Zealand sold 1,500 new electric cars (excluding hybrids) during the first

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UHY Global Magazine Available Now

EXPERT INSIGHT AND ANALYSIS FOR WORLD BUSINESS The 11th edition of UHY Global magazine is now available to read online. UHY Global draws on the knowledge of UHY’s network of member firms to provide insight and expertise for today’s global business community in a thought-provoking, upbeat and engaging read. Topically wide ranging, each feature demonstrates

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